Being a LEAP employee is a wonderful opportunity to not only gain experience but be rewarded knowing that you made a huge difference in a child's life.  Our staff are given training in Applied Behavior Analysis, a scientifically proven method to help autistic children learn.  We offer a supportive team environment with professionals from ABA, Special Education, Speech, Occupational and Music therapies.  If you have a passion to help children succeed and a strong desire to be part of a team that values collaboration and professionalism than LEAP is a wonderful place to grow your career. 

Job Description:

Working 1:1 and in small groups with children diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. 

ABA Implementer Responsibilities :

  • Applicants must be energetic individuals with a strong desire to work with children and have experience or an interest in being trained in the principles of ABA.

  • Applicants must be physically, mentally and emotionally prepared for a challenging career experience.

  • Applicants are responsible for record keeping which includes but is not limited to charting and collecting data ( both electronically and on paper)

  • Applicants must have their own reliable transportation and be willing to drive to service locations. 

  • Applicants must have positive employment references and be able to pass a background check.

  • Must be able to implement educational programs, behavior management, medical and safety protocols as developed by the professionals at LEAP. 


All employees will be given extensive training and learn to apply the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis to teach children to acquire skills and enhance their independence in the areas of communication, life skills, social skills, play, academics and reductions of repetitive or unwanted behaviors.  Employees have the opportunity to collaborate and must be able to take direction from professionals who aim is to maximize the educational and behavioral goals of each child.  LEAP is unique in its ability to expose staff to multiple professionals with experience in a variety of fields that benefit autistic children by addressing their challenges with a holistic approach.  


The work is challenging but we think you will find that nothing else is as worthy or rewarding!

How to Apply:
Lifelong Exceptional Autism Programs LLC
9430 Gillette Street
Lenexa, KS 66215