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Evidence based treatment to unlock potential at any age.

Our Mission


At LEAP our focus is on providing each and every child regardless of age a bounty of resources to build esteem, joy of learning and therapies that can break through and turn goals into achievements. 

LEAP is specifically designed to help older children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) succeed. Many parents feel frustrated after early intervention services (age 2-5yrs) end and they are left with only the public school system to help their child.  Many of the challenges facing ASD children simply aren't addressed in the overcrowded, underfunded public school system. This leaves children who are struggling to achieve even further behind. At LEAP our program utilizes Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), a
 scientifically proven therapy to help ASD children achieve. We offer individual instruction with a focus on keeping learning fun so children stay motivated  to meet both their academic and personal goals.



About our Fees

*At the current time we are full and not accepting clients*

We strive to make LEAP affordable for all. Call us for details. We do have scholarship possibilities! We currently accept patients who have Tricare, Blue Cross Blue Shield Kansas, United and some Cigna policies. But visit Autism Speaks to see if your company like Cerner, Home Depot, Wells Fargo, Children's Mercy, Bank of America, Starbucks, American Airlines, Shell, Walmart and others are listed as one of the many autism friendly self insured insurance companies that provide coverage for autism therapy. 


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