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LEAP was founded by a family with incredibly unique autistic children who were all at very different places on the spectrum. Over the years they were able to see what worked and what didn't.  And they wanted to create a center for older ASD children where they could receive the best programming to keep making gains.


There is no one kind of autism. Therefore there is no one size fits all autism therapy. At LEAP our focus is helping autistic children who are not ready for a traditional classroom by creating an individualized program that works for them.  At LEAP we carefully assess each child and work with parents to identify goals. All ASD children have strengths and weaknesses. And as individuals, they all have their own unique preferences as to what motivates them to do their best.  Motivation is key. 


Some of the common areas we treat 

Language and Functional Communication

Social skills 

Self care and Daily living skills

Community integration

Food expansion/desensitization

Targeted pre-academics.


We utilize an integrated approach of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) thechniques, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Music Therapy.  Therapy is alway recommended to be started as soon as possible. However, therapy can help a child make gains at any age. ABA is scientifically proven to help ASD kids make gains over their ASD peers who aren't receiving services. What makes LEAP different from other centers is we never forget that children have to be having fun to motivative them to learn.  Which is why our programs are structured to take place in and out of the classroom to keep things fresh and fun.

We encourage and value small group play for children yet we provide every child 1:1 support and 100% individual attention.

We provide every child 100% individual attention

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