As many as one out of three children with autism have trouble communicating .  Whether a child is non-verbal or very verbal most ASD children have difficulty understanding and responding to their peers appropriately.  Because of these challenges, a child with autism must do more than learn how to speak. The child also has to learn how to use language to communicate effectively. This includes knowing how to hold a conversation. It also includes tuning into both verbal and nonverbal cues from other people -- such as facial expressions, tone of voice, and body language. Research shows those who improve the most are often those who receive the most speech therapy.   

At Leap we understand the key role speech therapy plays in a child's success. That is why we retain a Speech Therapist as part of our staff.  Yet not all speech therapists have the experience to know how to work with autistic children.  Our Speech therapist is also a BCBA( Board Certified Behavioral Analyst) who understands the best approaches for working with autistic children.  She works hand in hand with our staff to ensure that speech continues to be maximized accross all the therapies through out the day.  Experts continue to state that Intensive, individualized treatment can help lessen the disabling isolation that comes from a lack of social communication. Whether it is vocal or augmentative and alternative communicative (AAC) devices, at LEAP we are committed to helping give our clients their voices to be heard. 

Communication is key!

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